Xiaomi And Tencent Apps Violating Data Collection Laws in China


The Chinese government has listed 41 applications that are violating the data collection laws in the country and have been collecting personal data of the users illegally. This list includes some big names like Xiaomi and Tencent which are widely used in the country. These apps have been collecting personal data of the users illegally and this is mentioned in the circular published by the country’s Ministry of Industry and Information technology (MIIT).

These apps have been violating the laws and using the personal data of the uses along with demanding unnecessary permissions from users and hindering account cancellation. Xiaomi’s Digital finance app called as Xiaomi Finance and Tencent’s QQ and QQ Reading were on the list of apps that MIIT published.

This illegally collected data is found to be secretly collected and shared with third parties. The other applications which also featured the list are Sina Sports, Sohu News which is a new provider, news, and data platform 36Kr along with many Lifestyle and logistics applications.

The Ministry said in the circular and hinted the companies to correct themselves before the 31st of December or they will be dealing with the law. Do you think even your data is being collected illegally? Do you feel your personal data is safe? Comment in the section below to share your thoughts on the same and stay tuned to PhoneRadar for similar news and updates.