WHAT IS GROWTH HACKING? – Entrepreneurship 101

Ever wondered what is growth hacking?

In this video, we talk about some of the most cited examples of growth hacking from start-ups to big corporations (Airbnb, Dropbox, puma), and the unorthodox turns they took to establish themselves as growth hackers.

Learn about how Growth hacker marketing has been around since 1970, and how some companies skirt/ broke the rules to Grow.

Growth hacking opportunities are like hidden doors and it is important that companies think outside the box to identify these doors.

The marketing strategy of Growth hacking may at times call for underhanded moves, but the risks may be worth it.

Growth hacking techniques are now being discussed often. Growth hacking for startups is a buzz word that is rampant in Silcon Valley. Marketers are now referring to what they do as “Growth marketing” or “Growth hacker marketing”.

Is it enough to have “outside the box” ideas for growth marketing strategy to work? The basic steps your growth marketing strategy to be successful are:

1) Validate your Product

2) Find your product market fit

3) Apply your GROWTH HACKER MARKETING strategy!!!

Learn about what it takes to be a growth hacker, and how growth hacking can help skyrocket your business.

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14 thoughts on “WHAT IS GROWTH HACKING? – Entrepreneurship 101

  1. I think you guys are doing a great job….And I must appreciate that for sure. You guys are doing a great deed of spreading very useful knowledge and not just delivering the message but the videos are professionally curated.

  2. Fuck You Dude…You're my man. Thank you for this video i subscribed it too man. please make video on ethical hacking too…. Your channel is in my #1 list

  3. I'm quite impressed with the breakdowns. I read lots of articles and saw videos on growth hacking but none were able to convey the message as clearly as he did in this video. I think using strong examples and good visuals really helps me understand these concepts.

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