VeraSci’s eCOA ‘evolution’ to provide data ready for submission

The electronic clinical outcome assessment (eCOA) platform will now offer boosted data collection and administration as well as access to greater types of scales and assessments.

The enhancements come after raters, scale-developers, and sponsors tested VeraSci’s eCOA platform, Pathway, to ensure it provides functionality while still accommodating each study and site.

Using a Pathway-enabled device, VeraSci’s proprietary assessments, endpoints, and safety measures for different therapeutic areas are now accessible. Raters can also now administer assessments on Pathway and obtain consent with the same device.

A spokesperson for the company told us that having clinical, cognitive, functional, and safety assessments accessible to sponsors on one device can ease logistics for both sites and subjects. The spokesperson said, “We design our tools in a way that streamlines data collection and allows technology to act as an aid to the clinician while not being a distraction to the participant. An improved participant experience leads to faster trial visits, faster data collection, and increased data accuracy.”

The platform can be used on a single device for multiple assessments and protocols. High enrollment sites can use different devices for parallel assessments of multiple patients through the platform as well.

“Real-time interactive data consistency checks promote more accurate source data and fewer requirements for data cleaning. Provision of intricate scoring guidelines to reference within the assessment eases the process of scoring, especially for new raters, creating a better experience for both clinician and study participants,” ​the spokesperson explained.

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