Top Five Recent Developments in the Blockchain Market | Infiniti Research

Top Five Recent Developments in the Blockchain Market | Infiniti Research

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Infiniti Research, a world-renowned market intelligence solutions
provider, has announced the completion of their latest article on the top
five recent developments in the blockchain market

Blockchain application can be stretched much beyond dealing with just
bitcoin transactions to industries like logistics, fashion, and even
humanitarian causes like offering global identity solutions for
refugees. At present, there are lots of industries like healthcare,
trade finance, cyber security, etc. that are using blockchain
technology. Even though the blockchain market will witness promising
growth, concerns such as security threats, cost, complexity in
understanding, and many more are stopping industries from implementing
this technology.

“Blockchain technology has transformed to become one of the most
revolutionary and advanced technological developments of the 21st era,”
an industry expert from

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Top recent developments in the blockchain

  • Blockchain in human resource: HR and recruitment are two sides
    of the same coin, but recruitment takes a lot of time as well as
    resources of the HR department. This is one of the main reasons why
    companies select a third party or external recruiters today. But such
    methods clearly come with a heavy associated fee. Since most of the
    candidates’ information obtained during the recruitment phase can be
    observed on the blockchain, there’s a huge amount of procedures
    getting streamlined. Resumes will be a thing of the past, and
    certificates, grades, work history, and experience will be simply
    verified and visible to people with direct involvement. This
    development will include a new chapter to the growth of the blockchain
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  • Blockchain market size expanding dynamically across Asia and the
    Middle East:
    Banks in countries like South Korea and Japan have
    put out their foot by testing a brand new type of blockchain
    technology which will allow them to attain same day transfer of money
    internationally. This would help decrease their costs by almost 30%.
    With such developments, the blockchain market is set to spread its
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  • Blockchain adoption to be amplified by cybersecurity: Owing to
    an increase in the threat of ransomware outbreaks demanding money in
    the form of cybersecurity, cryptocurrency, and blockchain technology
    providers have to increase their focus on security. Organizations in
    the blockchain market are going to include blockchain cybersecurity
    tools soon, which may sound like a good thing of future but it will
    certainly be a revolutionary development in the blockchain market.
    There is a high need for a better and safer technology in which keys
    are not held by anyone and this can be evidently realized by the
    recent failure to identity data systems.
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Listed below are the top five recent developments in the blockchain

View the complete list of the top five recent developments in the
blockchain market:

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