Top Data Analytics Skills You Should Know (Career Insights)

Thanks to the digital revolution, analytics is sweeping across industries in a huge way. Mastering certain data analytics skills can enable you to chart a successful career in this lucrative and rapidly changing domain.

Data analytics is changing the way we live – from that app you use to navigate to work everyday or the cabs you hail through your phone, or the platforms you order food from, to the online shopping you find yourself doing on weekends. All of this activity generates massive amounts of data. This is where companies who have created these products come in. Analytics is changing the way we also do business.

Deriving insights from large volumes of data to enable better decision-making and an even better customer experience has become the norm for competitive firms these days. Which is why being a data analyst in this world pays off well.

Through this UpGrad Careers-In-Shorts Series, Rohit Sharma, Program Director at UpGrad, takes you through all you need to know about data analytics – the most promising career of tomorrow!

The first one here is about the 4 core skills that will help you transition to the field of data analytics – a career of the future.

Want to Be a Data Analyst? Here are Top Skills & Tools to Master:

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