Three questions with Sangita Menon


Sangita Menon is a general assignment reporter for KUT, who also tracks and measure the diversity of the sources used in our reporting.

Before making the switch to journalism in 2017, she was a circuit designer for a high-tech company in Austin. She has a degree in electrical engineering and computer science from UCLA. Born in India, Sangita grew up in California, lived in Oregon and made her way to Texas in 2007. 

What are you listening to these days? 
I listen to a variety of podcasts. A couple of them are about government and politics. I like that wonky, deep dive into government roles and laws.

When I’m stressed, I listen to NPR’s “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me!” or “Ask Me Another” quiz shows. I’m sure that sounds like a canned response for someone at an NPR affiliate station, but it’s the truth. I appreciate the goofiness.

“TED Radio Hour” and “Hidden Brain” are also great listens.

Read anything interesting lately?
I just finished a gothic literature class at Austin Community College. I read “Frankenstein,” “Jekyll & Hyde,” “Macbeth,” along with short stories by Edgar Allan Poe and poems by John Keats. I’m sure most people read these as teenagers, but I went to a high school in California that didn’t require reading these classics. I guess they assumed students would read them later.  Though I’m guessing they didn’t think it would be this much later. I love that “Frankenstein” wasn’t the story I thought it was going to be.

Now I’m switching gears and reading some books on data collection and privacy. “Data and Goliath” has been a good read so far though it made me want to delete most of the apps on my phone.

What are you loving about the ATX lately? 
I’m a real homebody, but this summer I’m trying to take the kids to do more outdoor stuff. I took one daughter out fishing for Free Fishing Day. We loved it and she handled those worms like a boss.

Now that it’s really toasty outside, we’re going to the neighborhood swimming pool more and plan to make our way to Barton Springs Pool for a cool dip and to Lady Bird Lake for a canoe ride. I’m also looking forward to the Pecan Street Festival. I love walking alongside all of those booths. It reminds me of shopping in India or even the Saturday Market in Portland, Oregon.

When it’s not too hot, we like going to the renovated Dick Nichols Park. The kids skate or ride their bikes while my husband and I jog alongside them. After those little outings, we drop in to Mandola’s or Torchy’s Tacos for some of our favorite meals.