Supply Market Intelligence: Tips To Gain A Competitive Edge In Procurement

by SpendEdge
Posted: Wednesday, August 8, 2018 at 3:22PM EDT

LONDON– SpendEdge, a global procurement intelligence advisory firm, has announced the completion of their most recent whitepaper on supply market intelligence and its benefits. In today’s competitive business scenario leading organizations are in the pursuit of gathering and processing market information in order to facilitate strategic decision making. However, procurement officials can make better sourcing decisions when the market insights are tailored to suit their specific needs and requirements. This is where ‘Supply Market Intelligence’ steps in to help organizations gain in-depth insights on the market landscape, economic factors, peer groups, and other essential market data.

According to the supply market intelligence experts at SpendEdge, “Supply market intelligence helps organizations to stay ahead of the curve by helping them react proactively to customer needs and make better-informed business decisions.”

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Supply market intelligence benefits:

  • Enhances customer satisfaction – The right supply market intelligence solution enables organizations to work meticulously with the end-user segments and retort quickly to market opportunities and disruptions.

  • Helps devise superior supply chain strategies – Supply market intelligence helps analyze the impact of potential events on different procurement functions.

  • Helps businesses to stay ahead of the curve – Supply market intelligence offers real-time insights on market situations that helps organizations keep abreast of the market trends and react proactively.

  • To read more, download this whitepaper

Download the complete whitepaper on the benefits of supply market intelligence:

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SpendEdge shares your passion for driving sourcing and procurement excellence. We are a preferred procurement market intelligence partner for Fortune 500 firms and other leading companies across numerous industries. Our strength lies in delivering robust, real-time procurement market intelligence that helps sourcing and procurement professionals make informed decisions. These innovative procurement solutions help enterprises transform structural capabilities, improve execution efficiency, and fast-track time to savings.

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