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Stanford instructors presents a brief overview of Marketing Innovation, a new online professional course in the Stanford Innovation and Entrepreneurship certifiate.

Taking a product to market without a thorough understanding of your target market can dramatically affect consumer adoption. This course will help you maximize the success of your product, service, or cause with hands-on exercises and real-world applications. Learn the framework and marketing tools that thousands of innovators have used to successfully take a wide variety of products and services to market. This course focuses on early stage innovations and developing a cohesive strategy for implementing marketing throughout product development. In the process you will analyze real products from around the world and create new market plans for your own product or services.

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You will learn:

* How to identify and understand your target market
* How market research can work in partnership with R&D
* How to create clear differentiated positioning
* The challenges and opportunities of bringing radical innovation to market
* How to measure marketing success and turn data into action

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