Shopify Course Module 2 – Niche and Product Research

Shopify Niche and Product Research
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This is just one of the many videos I have created for FREE to teach people how to build a profitable Shopify store from scratch inside my Ecom Empires group on Facebook.

In this video, I will do more than just show you proven methods of finding great niches and products, I will explain the psychology behind the types of products that sell well with ecommerce.

I will also give you a set of guidelines to use when researching niches, that way you understand what’s profitable and worth your time in this business model.

This video is based off my experience as a multi-six figures earner and million dollar revenue marketer online.

So far the comments and feedback I’ve received is that the methods and explanation I offer for FREE in here are better than what most people pay hundreds to thousands of dollars for in these hyped up courses all over the internet.

I hope you find it valuable in your ecommerce business, and if you want more of this type of content, simply join my Ecom Empires Facebook group where I already have an entire course of these videos uploaded for free to help people get results:

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Niche Research
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Niche Ideas
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