September courses by Castille

September courses by Castille

Castille Institute will be running the following courses in September

Corporate Governance – With the ever-increasing emphasis on corporate governance, boards of public companies, public interest entities and regulated entities are experiencing awareness and greater pressure to become active and involved with their fiduciary responsibilities and exhibit a sound governance culture. Not only are companies concerned with putting appropriate mechanisms in place, but boards must adopt legislative changes, new frameworks, best practices and new attitudes about their decision-making processes and new ways of fulfilling their obligations.

The training will be run by Adrian Cutujar on September 13.

Data Analysis for Fraud Detection and Prevention – This course is designed to get participants quickly acquainted with various data analysis techniques for Fraud Detection and Prevention.  From data collection and preparation to descriptive and predictive analytics, the course material is delivered through easy-to-understand presentations that are conducive to learning and that encourage participants to take valuable knowledge and best practices back to their workplace.

The training will be delivered by Mark Fenech on September 17.

Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility: Employer Branding and Beyond – Customers are increasingly aware of the corporate impact on society and the environment, and are more likely to choose brands with a positive reputation. Besides complying with the law and enhancing brand image, a CSR strategy can also help businesses reduce costs in the long term. If developed strategically, a CSR plan can be a valuable tool through which to address some pressing and current busi­ness challenges, including the need to attract and retain valuable employees, increasing customer loyalty and satisfaction, innovation, and staying ahead of the competition.

Roberta Lepre will be conducting the course on September 18.

Investigative Interviewing Skills in Practice – Investigative Interviewing is a core skill in any investigation context. Therefore the highest standards need to be upheld when conducting interviews of persons suspected of internal criminal behaviour to any level, or professional misconduct, such as harassment. Equally, when interviewing witnesses and whistleblowers.  In order to achieve this, organisations need to develop and maintain valuable interviewing skills and best practices. 

The training is being delivered by Ian Ross on September 25 and 26.

Interviewing Skills – Advanced is a one-day course that uplifts and builds upon our previous programme of Investigative Interviewing Skills in Practice (Conversation Management Interviewing Skills). The programme will enable you to build confidence in interviewing people in highly complex or sensitive areas including interviewing people involved in sophisticated financial fraud and corruption schemes, serious management misconduct, compliance breaches and more.

The training will be delivered by Ian Ross on September 27.

Candidates may be eligible to claim part of the cost incurred under the Investing in Skills Scheme. For more information or to book a seat, call 2093 3280 or e-mail [email protected].

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