Presbyterian Homes & Services Leverages Big Data Security Log Analysis from SmiForce

Presbyterian Homes & Services Leverages Big Data Security Log Analysis from SmiForce

MINNEAPOLIS, Jan. 28, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — SmiForce (, a  cloud-based data analytics & big data security platform company, announced today Presbyterian Homes & Services, based in Roseville, MN,  has successfully deployed SmiForce’s Security Event Management solution.

Presbyterian Homes & Services will be using SmiForce’s Security Event Management solution, data correlation engines, application response time monitoring, and dynamic visualization tools to analyze all the data coming from their servers, firewalls, and other applications. SmiForce provides fast data ingest, computation and visualizations to Presbyterian Homes & Services to help manage their security and server administration more efficiently.

SmiForce’s cloud-based data analytics & big data solution helps leading CIOs consolidate tools and reduce cost. The unique analytics, reporting, and management functions that they provide allow their customers to view proactive insights for a variety of areas spanning applications, finance, contracts, infrastructure, security, projects and reports. With operational modules for every component in a complex organization, SmiForce provides managers with essential tools, alerts, and unmatched reporting on critical ratios and key performance indicators in a highly efficient and cost-effective manner. The company is leading the way with enterprise data analytics, business insights, and cyber-security tools.

“I am very pleased with SmiForce’s security event management, data analytics, and visualization cloud-based service. We now have a way to quickly find out what is causing  security incidents and have the ability to identify the normal and abnormal behavior trends, both immediately and over time,” said Kory Nadeau, Director of Infrastructure and Enterprise Security Officer, Presbyterian Homes & Services. “This has helped me and my staff tremendously, enabling us to manage our security operation more efficiently.”

“We have been working with Presbyterian Homes & Services and Kory’s team for 3 years, and I am very excited that we are able to help them manage their infrastructure and security operations,” said PG Narayanan, Founder and CEO of SmiForce. “I am pleased to see that we are able to take hundreds of million events, categorized into 40+ security categories, and perform multiple analyses and trend over 10 days. Our security portal shows stunning visualizations that identify the normal and abnormal behaviors in various color graphs, allowing the organization to get to the root cause in 3 clicks!”

About SmiForce:
With our cloud-based SaaS solution & big data technology, SmiForce can help you to drive business insights and reduce your costs by providing ‘One Technology’ for multiple purposes, thus eliminating the need to purchase from multiple vendors.

Our data analytics solution will eliminate the need for redundant infrastructure, software costs, and administrative costs. In addition, our team can provide 360-degree business insights to help your company grow.

Our mission is to provide you with detailed insights from your data at the touch of your keyboard.

Overall, our business delivers advanced data analytic capabilities by measuring and tracking your company’s key performance in an easy and efficient manner. We provide customers and/or internal management with timely dashboards and C-Suite status reports. Our products will help create reporting solutions for presenting metrics, scorecards, trend analysis, ratios, and other information necessary to manage your complex business environment. For more information or to schedule a demo, please visit

Manoj Narayanan
Product Manager, SmiForce
PH: (952) – 649 – 0505

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