Interview with a Data Analyst

This video is part of the Udacity course “Intro to Programming”. Watch the full course at 2075 – 1465234761 – 250547 data analysis source Market Insights

It's All About Data

It’s All About Data

[ad_1] We live in a data-driven world. For instance, if you activate location services on Google Maps and, a year later, go to your timeline, it can tell you where you were on the same…

The Data Analysis Process

The process of doing statistical analysis follows a clearly defined sequence of steps whether the analysis is being done in a formal setting like a medical lab or informally like you would find in a…

To Get Customer Insights, Don’t Ask Questions

Richard Thorogood of Colgage-Palmolive describes how new technology is transforming market research, and how firms will need to adapt. Read more here: 63 – 1427144676 – 9075 market insights source Market Insights