New Motorcycle Registrations/Sales by Brand, Model & Country-Data Analysis for 2015-2017 -

New Motorcycle Registrations/Sales by Brand, Model & Country-Data Analysis for 2015-2017 –

Motorcycle Registrations/Sales By Brand, Model, And Country-Data
Analysis For 2015-2017”
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The buying pattern & key trends in the motorcycles industry among
emerging countries and matured markets is very different and shows
continuous variations with changing buying behaviours based on the
parameters like income, motivation, reference group, brand value,
product attribute, selling price, promotional activities, accessibility
to service, and location.

The analysis of recent historical and actual motorcycle registration
details across various countries around the world will better help the
key stakeholders in this industry to formulate their strategic
initiatives for future growth and innovations. This report will help
various stakeholders in this industry with the actual motorcycle sales
database across 30 countries around the world.

Market Segmentation

The new motorcycle registrations/sales database provides the detailed
sales figures for the last three years (2015-2017) for many leading
brands including Honda, Yamaha, BMW, Piaggio, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Triumph,
Harley Davidson, and many others for all the countries covered in the
study. This data pack also provides the detailed model level analysis of
many brands in all countries covered in the study.

Geographic Overview

Geographically, the motorcycle registration data analysis study majorly
covers 30 countries across the globe. Asia-Pacific region, especially
India and China were the major markets, with the new motorcycle
registration of 17,589,511 units and 17,135,000 units in 2017,

Companies Featured

  • Honda
  • Yamaha
  • BMW
  • Piaggio
  • Suzuki
  • Kawasaki
  • Triumph
  • Harley Davidson

Key Topics Covered

1. New Motorcycle Registrations/Sales Data, by Country

1.1. Italy

1.2. Germany

1.3. Brazil

1.4. Australia

1.5. U.K.

1.6. India

1.7. New Zealand

1.8. Austria

1.9. Netherlands

1.10. Russia

1.11. Indonesia

1.12. Colombia

1.13. Singapore

1.14. Greece

1.15. Poland

1.16. Turkey

1.17. Belgium

1.18. Thailand

1.19. Spain

1.20. U.S.

1.21. Canada

1.22. Philippines

1.23. Argentina

1.24. France

1.25. Malaysia

1.26. Japan

1.27. South Africa

1.28. China

1.29. Mexico

1.30. Chile

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