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Visit RealityCheck at – RealityCheck’s Founding Partners Jim Chastain and Jim White on what makes the firm’s qualitative research consultants so effective in uncovering compelling consumer insights.

RealityCheck is more than a qualitative consumer research firm. We’re a global partnership of experienced creative facilitators, human-to-brand translators, strategic conceptual analysts, and storytellers…all in one. Our experience allows us to provide the kind of insightful clarity and strategic direction that can transform a business.

We Listen. We Lead

Our approach to working with clients is collaborative. It’s a strategic partnership right from the start. As a client, we engage you by giving you access to the real human within your consumer… to see, listen, feel, and understand for yourself. This gives you more empathy and helps you to better provide products, brands and ideas that will connect with your audience on a more meaningful level.

Full Service. Custom Fit.

From moderation and recruitment, to field management and analysis, RealityCheck uses cutting edge techniques and technology to humanize market research. We are pioneers in the development and use of online technology in qualitative research. And, our in-person methods such as ethnography, psychological interviews and creative group–based techniques involve clients and engage respondents in ways they never imagined.

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