How To Use Google Trends | For Product or Market Research


In case you’re wondering how to use Google Trends for product or market research – look no further! Because I break it all down for you in this video. Google Trends is a highly resourceful tool that you can use to search the popularity (or the lack thereof) of products, companies, industries, people, basically anything.

In this video, I specifically focus on searching products/companies and industries.

With Google Trends you can search the following things:

1) Interest over time in a search time (I use examples of Atkin’s Diet, Affiliate Marketing, MLM, and Digital Altitude). You can adjust the time period of the search, location (region), and categories. I typically only adjust the time period and leave everything else as is.

2) The countries/regions that have the highest interest in that search term

3) Relevant topics. So if you search “atkin’s diet” you can scroll down and see any relevant topics that have a surge in searches. At the time of this recording, “Kim Kardashian has a 2300% increase in searches when we researched “Atkin’s Diet.”

You can also use this tool to check upcoming product or company launches and search terms that are on the decline. Basically if you see a product, company, or industry on an upward trend or stable that a good sign. If you see it on a downward trend that’s a bad sign and probably not something you want to spend more time on researching.

Also, if a company or product just launched, usually you’ll see a spike in searches and then an immediate downward trend – this is normal because it’s just adjusting for the spike in searches due to the new launch.

Hope this helped and now you know how to use google trends for product or market research!



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