Firefly inspires a data analysis of music festivals


Firefly Festival weekend (June 21-23 this year) is the one of the rare times when Delaware is truly a destination for people from all over.

To celebrate the occasion, CompassRed’s Wilmington arm has done what it does best: Gathered and analyzed the data.

Tweet to the Rhythm: What Twitter Tells Us About Music Festivals,” by Compass Red’s Ryan Harrington, uses Twitter data to answer three key questions about 15 of the world’s top festivals (including Firefly, naturally):

  1. What words and phrases are used most frequently across all festivals?
  2. What words and phrases are used most frequently by individual festivals?
  3. What is unique about each festival?

The data yields some surprises, like the fact that The Ultra Festival in Miami has far and away the most followers, at about 2.2 million. That’s double the followers of Coachella, and about 17 times the followers of Firefly.

Some of the data is less surprising, like the fact that the most frequently used words across all festival Twitters are sales words like “tickets” and “passes.”

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