Excel Basics 23: Data Analysis Features: Sort, Filter, Flash Fill to Organize & Clean Data

Highline College Busn 216 Class: Computer Applications taught by Michael Girvin.
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Topics in this Video:
1. (00:01) Introduction about Data Analysis features
2. (01:40) Sorting
3. (11:45) Filtering
4. (21:50) Flash Fill
5. (29:01) Summary

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34 thoughts on “Excel Basics 23: Data Analysis Features: Sort, Filter, Flash Fill to Organize & Clean Data

  1. I just heard i'm interviewing for a job that requires Excel this thursday. Just a week ago I would frankly have been unqualified for any job that required Excel. However after completing this basic series I feel much more confident (I only have the last video on Power Query to go, which I will watch tonight) in my Excel skills and can't wait to apply what I learned at work. If I get that job just know that you have influenced my life in a profound way and I will be sure to pay it forward – i.e., u have to set up a Patreon ASAP!
    PS I can't stop talking to people about Excel! I think I have come down with a bad case of Excelitis! I can only remedy this by digging into your advanced Excel series, which I will start soon after rehearsing the PDF notes on this basic series, which I have lying printed on my desk right now.

  2. @ExcelisFun Team- Love your videos i have a small correction in Excel file "EB23-SortFilterFlashFillStart" Date is 09-01-2013 not 09-01-2011 which i want to bring to your notice.

    Sheet HW(3) "Filter to show Bellen Boomerangs sold on 1/9/11, then copy and paste onto the sheet named "PasteFilter".

  3. Do you have many watching from Australia 🇦🇺 or am I the only one now? Your data set looked incomplete. If so, how do we rank?

  4. Are these 25 videos a college class, they should be a HS required class for tenth graders, this info is so prevalent in the world today.

  5. Hi Michael, love the videos – is there a way to do an OR filter across columns, say i wanted all entries by Alma and any that sold a Chevy? Thanks!

  6. On the last example, I jumped the gun and used Ctrl + E to Flash fill after ONLY entering the "Watch Time" of 15 for India. Excel then Flash Filled the wrong time of '21' for United States. It extrapolated the wrong numbers the rest of the way down! Curious how it decides.

  7. Sir,

    Your every video is more than excellent. I am so confident that there is no other advanced tutorial and trainer like you. I am not interested to follow any other trainer's tutorial if you have tutorial in which I am interested to learn. If it is possible, I will give a lot of Thumbs Up in every of your videos. We need trainer like you to make the world more better. I usually suggest to download and follow your videos whoever want to learn excel meeting with me. You are the best. Thanks a lot to keep love and patience in your teaching field.

  8. The last example was so good. I have always used =LEFT() or =RIGHT() to get the numbers, but they always came out as strings. Now I know how to get them. Thanks!

  9. Flash Fill is amazing…. I dint even know the option was existing and always used to go with "&"
    Amazing…. i am gone start using flash fill going forward.
    Excellent videos and examples… learning a lot from your videos… Thank you…

  10. Flash Fill is awesome, but not available in the Mac version. Mike it might be an idea to preface your videos with which OS version the tutorial applies to. I use the Mac version at home and thankfully the Windows version of Office 2016 at work for data modelling… I thumbed up!

  11. Another great video! Thank you for your continued efforts. I also wanted to ask you if you can tell me how I can get the keyboard shortcuts to appear in the ribbons like I see you have? I want to learn more shortcuts and I think having them show up when I use the ribbon would help me. Thank you so much!

  12. Michael, I'm wondering what the best way to link a notes page to a daily log. Something that would be displayed when I bring up a past day. I thought about using the comments on each day, but I would like this information to be searchable as well.

  13. Great video. I'm sure that the flash fill function will be coming in handy!

    I used to use Ctrl+Shift+L to reset filters, however, I found that when you have many columns in a table it's easier to use Alt+AC to clear the filter because using Ctrl+Shift+L will automatically scroll the entire worksheet to the last column of the table when you try to reset (which can be frustrating). Alt+AC keeps the table positioned on the column you're actively filtering.

    Looking forward to continuing this series!

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