Data scientists are pushing the boundaries of analytics and making a fortune. This is how you can join them.


TLDR: From data analysis to machine learning to artificial intelligence, The 2020 All-in-One Data Scientist Mega Bundle this training explains it all.

In the event you aren’t a numbers person, it’s entirely possible that the science of breaking down data, putting it into a new configuration and thereby recontextualizing its meaning may feel like geek gobbledygook.  

But data science isn’t about making information impenetrably complex. It’s about making huge data sets more relatable to the average person. Like new mom and data scientist Caitlin Hudon, who used her professional skills to visual map the changes her new baby had on Mom’s daily routine. And in case you couldn’t guess, the change was seismic.

While this is just a look at one woman’s schedule, it’s a perfect example of how one glance at the right visualization can bring big data to an infinitely personal level. And since the average data scientist is making over $110,000 a year, it’s definitely a skill worth knowing. You can understand all the principles with the expansive 2020 All-in-One Data Scientist Mega Bundle of training, now just $39.99, over 90 percent off, from TNW Deals.

This ginormous collection of 12 courses and more than 140 hours of instruction may look intimidating, but it’s all geared to helping the uninitiated grasps how data analytics actually work, from understanding how to store, manage and sort data to using the tools professional data managers use to find hidden meaning in all those numbers.

Whether it’s Hadoop’s networking power or analytics engine Apache Spark or database manager MongoDB, this training unlocks the right apps that make analysis that would have been nearly impossible before a lot more manageable. 

Once you’ve formatted your data, you’ll also have background in Tableau 10, the world’s most popular data visualization software for logging and displaying the conclusions in a whole new way. Of course, if you’re a Microsoft Excel diehard, there’s even instruction here in how that app warhorse can play a key role in 2020 data analysis.

Meanwhile, once you’ve tackled courses in coding languages like Python and R programming, you’ll be ready to apply those languages in the greatest new frontier in data science: machine learning and artificial intelligence. An additional three courses explore this fascinating and expanding new field, teaching computers to process data, understand results and change behaviors all on their own.

Usually $6,000, this university-level training with all the resources is now available for only $39.99 with this limited time deal.

Prices are subject to change.

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