Data Analysis in Excel Tutorial

Data Analysis using Microsoft Excel using SUMIF , CHOOSE and DATE Functions 243 – 1497263348 – 49420 data analysis excel source Market Insights

What Do You Mean By Insights?

What is insight? The 5 principles of insight definition thriveinsight defined yourdictionary. What, exactly, is a market insight? Duffy agency. 19 feb 2009 this is the first posting in a four part series on business…

Market Research & Customer Insights Career Coaching

Thinking about your market research and insights career path? Ready to refresh you career goals? Here are some tips for how to refresh your career plans to align with current demand for insights professionals. These…

Interview with a Data Analyst

This video is part of the Udacity course “Intro to Programming”. Watch the full course at 2075 – 1465234761 – 250547 data analysis source Market Insights

The Data Analysis Process

The process of doing statistical analysis follows a clearly defined sequence of steps whether the analysis is being done in a formal setting like a medical lab or informally like you would find in a…

To Get Customer Insights, Don’t Ask Questions

Richard Thorogood of Colgage-Palmolive describes how new technology is transforming market research, and how firms will need to adapt. Read more here: 63 – 1427144676 – 9075 market insights source Market Insights