Artificial Intelligence (Part 2) | Research and Companies

Part 1:

This video be in less depth than the previous but will cover a wider range of topics and research in artificial intelligence.

Startups in artificial intelligence are becoming more and more popular (over 100 just in healthcare) and they are all working on a variety of projects.

In this video I talk about large companies like google, facebook, and IBM and what projects they are working on in machine learning and other aspects of artificial intelligence.

One of the biggest breakthroughs in machine learning was when AlphaGo beat the best human go player in the world 4 out of 5 games. AlphaGo is a project that was programmed simply to learn, it wasn’t given any strategy or told what to do. This win showed that a computer could learn how to beat a human in the most complex game out there.

While a lot of this may seem really interesting, there is a lot of fear around A.I. as well in terms of what the future holds and where A.I. will go.


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