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If you want to convert prospects into customers, your interactive content needs to be super relevant to a targeted group of customers. The questions you ask, prizes you give away, outcomes you promise, and experiences you create, all need to align with your buyer’s journey. And this is where Qualifio came into the picture.

Qualifio An Introduction

Qualifio is a GDPR ready data collection and audience management platform which is used by the media companies and advertising agencies across Europe. With the help of it, you can even create your own interactive and viral campaign from the preset format, or you can even build it from scratch.

Publishing your finished campaign design with the Qualifio is a natural process too. The solution connects with the different platforms so that you can make your latest campaigns available to the audience on different operating system and devices.

And after you have your campaign, you can extract data from it in real time. You can visualize the results for faster understanding and for speedier decision making. On top of that, Qualifio can help you segment and monetize your data, as it can even connect with the CRM and some other solutions.

Let us look at some of the features of Qualifio:

Interactive Campaigns

Qualifio has a library of more than 40 campaign formats that you can even tailor to suit your brand’s needs. You can even fully customize them even if you do not have technical knowledge because of the intuitive interface. Because of these, you can even engage your audiences in fun and enjoyable ways so that you can keep and hold their attention. As a result of which, you can gain in-depth data that help to shape future campaigns and business solutions.

Multiple Brand Management

Qualifio is a tool that even agencies and organizations with the multiple brands can utilize. It also supports hundreds of users from different location to ensure that marketing campaigns run as smoothly as possible. Moreover, administrators can apply stringent access policies to protect the company data.

Integrated Ecosystem

Qualifio integrates seamlessly into your digital ecosystem. It can connect with your DMP, CRM, SSO, and some other enterprise applications. Thus, organizations and retargeting processes are streamlined according to your requirements.

Detailed Data Dive

With the help of Qualifio, you can collect data about the people who interacted with your campaigns. This provides you in-depth insight into their behaviors so that you can optimize future campaigns. Moreover, if you were running a contest, you can use this tool to draw the winners and even filter out the specific IP addresses.

Multilingual Campaigns

Campaigns you create with the Qualifio do not have to be limited to a single language. The platform supports all the European languages and even supports languages from all across the globe like Arabic and Chinese. As such, you can go around the world with your campaigns and ensure audiences from the various regions are not left out.

To Sum Up

Overall, Qualifio offers the great features to be used for the marketing purposes. Qualifio enables media and marketers to animate their digital audiences and build effective data collection strategies.

Udit Agarwal

Udit Agarwal

Udit is a Digital Marketer and a Content Marketing Specialist, He enjoys technical as well as non-technical writing. His passion and urge for gaining new insights on gadgets, smartphones, and technology have led him to StartupWorld. He quenches his thirst for technology through his action-oriented writing skills and a profound ability to stay up to date with latest industry trends.

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