A CPG Industry Client Increases Customer Retention Rate Significantly with Market Segmentation Analysis | Infiniti’s Success with Customer Intelligence Solutions

A CPG Industry Client Increases Customer Retention Rate Significantly with Market Segmentation Analysis | Infiniti’s Success with Customer Intelligence Solutions


LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The CPG industry is fast-growing and challenging across the globe. Challenges such as pricing pressure, and investment volatility have led to significant losses, and a sense of uncertainty in the market. The inability to appropriately forecast, prepare for, and overcome these challenges can slow down the growth of industry, and loss of market share for many CPG companies. To efficiently surpass these issues, many companies are attempting to gain a better understanding of the market, and most importantly, their target market. At Infiniti Research, we provide market and customer intelligence solutions for CPG companies across the globe. These solutions are the ideal and appropriate approach to the upcoming challenges of the CPG industry. To gain an unparalleled competitive edge, and successfully surpass these challenges, request a free proposal.

“Owing to the various challenges in the CPG industry, new approaches to understanding the market, market niches, and target customers have become imperative for CPG companies to gain a competitive advantage. Also, it has become vital for CPG companies to reinvent the way they engage with their customers and focus on lucrative customer segments,” says a CPG industry expert at Infiniti Research.

Business Challenge:

The client is a CPG company serving customers across the Midwestern United States. CPG industry client had an unstructured sales and marketing approach due to which, they focus on targeting individual customers. They spent 33% of their overall marketing budget on the wrong segments and caused a significant reduction in sales, and increased churn rate by 21%. The client realized the need to prioritize customers according to value for the brand. The CPG industry client wanted to leverage Infiniti’s target market segmentation analysis. With this engagement, within the span of 8 weeks, the client sought to focus on lucrative segments, efficiently categorize customers, and evaluate the value for the brand of various segments.

Our Approach:

Infiniti’s market segmentation analysis experts developed an effective approach to assist the CPG industry client. The approach included the following:

  • Customer segmentation and need analysis to help the client segment their clients based on various factors
  • Customer satisfaction and loyalty assessment to help the client understand the customers’ satisfaction levels regarding their products and services
  • Sales assessment study to identify frequent customers and products with the highest demand in the market

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Business Outcome:

With Infiniti’s target market segmentation analysis, the CPG industry client was enabled to devise strategic marketing and promotional campaigns. They were also able to appropriately segment their customers based on their spending behavior, purchase patterns, value for the brand, past purchases, and satisfaction level. The client was also able to engage and retain customers and significantly reduce the churn rate. Additionally, the client could effectively utilize their marketing budget and increase customer retention rate by 17%.

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