7 Flags April Fools

The banners are all from Dansk Figurspilsforenings Hjemmeside look under download for a great set of flags. Officially they do not carry flags, but unofficially many Reserve and Landwehr units carried them and as part of the upgrade I’m adding them because then units look better and they have fought in enough tabletop battles to deserve them. I’m back on track, and am feeling a lot better about painting. They were duly pulled back a little, then suffered 3 retreat flags to enemy fire (no losses, just 3 retreat flags), so their retiral was increased to 4 hexes (that’s 800 paces) in one turn, ending up behind a hill, very much out of breath. It’s now only two weeks to go to the SOGG big game and all my figures are finished, I just need to sort everything out and maybe create some “pretty bits” such as Greek flags and perhaps a dead German para hanging from a tree.

I designed “Bittersweet October” insert in 2016. Wanted to be able to change it out with something new. I also had a debate on whether to paint symbols/logos on the wagon hoarding, I decided to add a slot for flags instead so I could change them to go with ownership. The flags are removable, but I think they add a nice touch. If I really need to use transparent png files, or to add shadow texturing, Photoshop is the fellow, but not this time. I also have Photoshop, which is certainly more versatile, but Photoshop does a zillion things I don’t need, and requires a PhD to use it properly. Our company was founded in 2000 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where we have our headquarters, main factory, and flag in garden warehouse. 911 Honor Flags – We were founded a month after the 9/11 attacks and are proud to offer a line of flags which remembers those who died and honors those who served.

We also offer armed forces officer flags along with police, firefighter, and more. There are also some lovely flags on the Not By Appointment blog, of course, (though they tend to be more towards the SYW) and I always keep an eye on Ray’s smashing work on Don’t Throw a 1 (though his are usually a bit earlier than the WSS). Otherwise I have to continue with the work for the SOTCW Gauntlet game. Now that I’ve started to read about the French, it is suggested that a regiment’s first battalion should carry the colonel’s (white) colour and the ordnance (patterned) colour, but the other battalions did not carry the colonel’s colour, so that my planned two-battalion French regiments would have 2 flags for the first battalion, but only 1 for the second. For each of these nations, I am tempted to be swayed by “the look of the thing” and go for 2 standards per battalion.

Ah yes – the British Foot required a tweak to my (newly drafted) standard WSS unit layout, since I decided that they would have to have 2 flags, just for the look of the thing (so will the French – 1st battalions anyway – for the same reason). If you want something really badly and do something in an attempt to make it come about, when the thing happens, we are likely to believe that this was cause and effect. Choosing added extras like birdbaths or light posts also make a home look unique. 3. After enabling, the browser needs to restart to make the changes. Most teams work with multiple environments other than the production, such as development and testing environments, and CD ensures there is an automated way to push code changes to them. Continue work on the Achse/Avalanche terrain – buildings/olive trees/vineyards. Therefore you could lookup the case sensitive name. Flags, bunting, you name it. There are many Robot Logos, flags, and icons available for showing on the robot shoulder. Floss is GA – Aged Pewter, Brethren Blue, Country Redwood, CC- Little House Brown and DMC 3371. Stitch Count: 60 x 33. These new designs are available in my Etsy Shop.