2017 SAS, R, or Python for Analytics & Data Science: Which Tool is Preferred?

Which do analytics professionals and data scientists REALLY prefer – SAS, R, or Python?

We’ve been surveying our network for the past few years to see how preferences change each year, and to see how they vary by a variety of demographic factors.

In this mini-webinar we examine SAS, R, and Python preferences by:

• Region
• Industry
• Education
• Years of experience
• Data Scientist vs. traditional Predictive Analytics Professional
• 4-year trends

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10 thoughts on “2017 SAS, R, or Python for Analytics & Data Science: Which Tool is Preferred?

  1. Hello Burtch Works Team! I work for a Big 4 Audit Company and currently work on reporting through excel only. I'm interested in learning Data Science as I have Major in Mathematics and Statistics, I have learnt few programming languages early in my academics (honestly I dont even remember them now). After looking at your video, I want to have more deep dive, if I start with SAS or R or Python. Looking at the Python trend, its clear that Python is growing tremendously but since I'm a beginner, I need your guidance. Thanks

  2. With whole respect, your study is biased… More specifically, that questionnaire is 'the problem". Stay with the simplicity, that is good, but this way might be wrong. Think about it. Regards!

  3. iClass Gyansetu:Big Data Hadoop,Data Science/Analytics Angular, AWS, Salesforce, Java Python, Selenium Training in Gurgaon says:

    Good Video

  4. Very accurate trend information for stratetic planning. Python will probably become a major player with the support of Tensorflow. The shift seems fast especially in tech applications.

  5. Great analysis. Showing the results by "years of experience" might be a little misleading. One could think that the longer you work and the more experienced you get, you prefer a more advanced tool and therefore decide for SAS. However, it is rather an "age thing". Elderly people prefer SAS because they are not willing to learn something new.

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